If you’re particularly keen on any of these ideas please let us know and we’ll update you with their progress.

Version control support

We have plans to provide integration with Git version control so your Apps source code could be stored in your own repositories (either self-hosted by one of the popular providers like GitHub).


Adding user interaction to the apps would be hugely powerful. We imagine the possibility to define a simple form in the Python app, which would then be rendered as a new task pane in Excel.

Sharing data between organizations

If you’ve ever needed to share data with a partner company, you’ll know it can sometimes be a laborious and time-consuming task of emailing spreadsheets, csv files or similar to each other. Adding associates to your Gridarrow workspace would allow you to share the data you need to, in real time.

New grid types

The Grid data structure will soon gain the ability to add new rows and columns dynamically. We’ll also add “wrapping” grids that stay a fixed length, but can be appended to, with older data shifting out of the grid.


We’re working on making it possible for each app to have its own webhook address, allowing the app to receive notifications from the many services that provide webhook integration.