Getting started

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use Gridarrow to start streaming real-time data into Excel using one of the Apps from the Gridarrow catalog.

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What is Gridarrow?

Gridarrow makes it easy to get live data into Excel. The Gridarrow platform consists of an Excel Add-in which connects to Python Apps running in the cloud. The Python Apps grab data from anywhere you need - APIs, databases, web-scraping and push it directly to the Excel spreadsheet. Multiple users can connect their spreadsheets to the same App at the same time and get the same data instantly.

Diagram explaining how Gridarrow works

Gridarrow has an easy to use web console that allows you to manage your Python Apps, write new ones using the online Python editor or install Apps from our catalog of examples.

We like to say Gridarrow is the missing server for Excel.

First steps

To start using Gridarrow:

See the Installation page for system requirements and details about the Excel Add-in installation

Using the Web Console

The Gridarrow web console is used to create and manage your Python Apps.

When you log in for the first time you’ll be asked to create a new workspace. This should only take a few moments and when that’s finished you’ll see a list of your Apps containing your first Welcome to Gridarrow App.

Gridarrow App List

This App will stream Welcome to Gridarrow message in different languages into your Excel spreadsheet.

Wait until its status turns to Running and move to the next step to learn how to connect to it with Excel.

Using the Excel Add-in

Open Excel and log in using your Gridarrow account. You should see a list containing your first Welcome to Gridarrow App on the right side of your Excel window.

Gridarrow App list in Excel

If Apps list is not already visible in the Excel window, it can be opened by clicking the Apps button on the Gridarrow Ribbon.

Excel ribbon

Connecting to an App

Click on the toggle button next to the App name to connect and display a list of the Grids of data that the App is providing.

Getting the data on the sheet

To use the data provided by the App in your spreadsheet, click on the Add to new sheet button next to grid’s name. A new sheet will be created with your grid automatically added to it.

Adding Gridarrow Grid to new Excel spreadsheet

Adding a grid to an existing spreadsheet

Alternatively, if you want to add a grid to an existing sheet, firstly drag and drop the name of the grid to an empty cell in the spreadsheet. This creates an ARROW reference.

Next, use the GRID function and reference the cell you dragged the ARROW to.

Alternative method of adding Gridarrow Grid to Excel - drag and drop and the GRID function

As it executes, the GRID function expands to the full dimensions of the data provided by the App, and will stay synchronized from now on.

It’s important to note that the data returned by the GRID function is in the form of an array formula, meaning that it cannot be edited or partially overwritten. To remove the GRID function, the entire range must be selected and then deleted.


As the GRID function expands to the dimensions of the data, it can overwrite existing data in the sheet. We recommend using a new sheet for each data grid.

We will soon add a warning/confirmation box to control this behaviour.

The data returned by the GRID function is just like any other data in Excel, and can be referenced and used in other formulas as you normally would. Of course, because the Gridarrow data is dynamic, we highly recommend looking up the data you need in the Grid using the INDEX MATCH function pair.

Using the Apps Catalog

From the Gridarrow Console you can access the Apps Catalog. It contains a selection of example Apps prepared by the Gridarrow Team. You can add any of those app to your workspace by clicking the Add to My Apps button.

Apps Catalog in Gridarrow Console

What’s next

Visit the Writing Your First App page to learn how to create your own Gridarrow Apps.