Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help write the Python script for me?

We’re working on a program of developers who will be able to work with you to build the app you need. Please email us for more information.

Does Gridarrow run on Excel for Mac?

Unfortunately Excel for Mac doesn’t have the same underlying integration points as Excel for Windows, so at this time Gridarrow will not work here. As and when Microsoft offer the enhanced integration on Excel for Mac, we will certainly look into supporting it.

Does Gridarrow run on Excel Online?

Not at this stage, although we will look into that in future

How secure is Gridarrow?

  • Gridarrow uses end-to-end encryption for all data transmitted between the Excel Add-ins and the apps running on our servers.
  • All secrets are encrypted at rest, and are only decrypted as they are made available to the apps.

Where can I get data from?

Well that’s up to you of course! But if you’d like some inspiration there are some good lists of publicly available API’s on the Internet. GitHub has a couple of such lists, as do, RapidAPI and the Mashape marketplace.

Why are array formulas returned by the GRID function?

Array formulas are returned by the GRID function for data-integrity and performance reasons. Since a subset of an array formula cannot be edited there is no way for the grid of data to become out of sync with that provided by the app. In addition, Gridarrow can handle large grids of data, but it would not be possible to load this into the Excel sheet unless we use array formulas.

Why doesn’t my Worksheet_Change function get called in VBA when the GRID updates?

The change event doesn’t get triggered by new data in an RTD server. We recommend using the Worksheet_Calculate event and testing if data has changed

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112
Dim varData

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    varData = Range("A1").Value2
End Sub
Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
    If varData <> Range("A1").Value2 Then
        MsgBox "Data updated, do something useful!"
    End If
End Sub