Additional concepts


Errors happen. You may have a syntax error in your Python code, an issue with a dependency in the requirements.txt, an unhandled exception or a different problem with your App.

When something unexpected happens you can inspect what’s wrong using the Logs and Events tabs in Gridarrow console.

Syntax error in Gridarrow App

Unhandled application errors will always cause the app to terminate. The Gridarrow infrastructure will restart the App after a delay. The delay is increased exponentially (10s, 20s, 40s…) and capped at five minutes.


The arrow object is configured with a standard Python library logger instance, which can be used to write application logs. The logs can be seen from the Gridarrow console.

arrow.log.debug("this is a debug message")"this is a info message")
arrow.log.warning("this is a warning message")
arrow.log.error("this is a error message") 

The Python pretty print module pprint can sometimes be quite useful to inspect the contents of a data structure returned from an API.


Gridarrow grids can serialize the types str, int, bool, float, bytes, decimal.Decimal, None, datetime.datetime, datetime.time, as scalar values. These values will be represented as the corresponding Excel data types. For the date or time related fields, apply Excel formatting to see the value as intended.

list, dict, set and tuple types assigned to a single grid field will be serialized as a string, with a warning printed to the application logs.

Server time

All Gridarrow servers run in the UTC0 timezone.