Empower your Excel users with the right data at the right time

Gridarrow pulls data from any source and updates the spreadsheets of your whole team in real-time.

It's the missing server for Excel.

Gridarrow solves common problems with Excel...

Out of sync data

Business today needs to be data-driven, real-time and collaborative. Emailing spreadsheets from user to user just isn’t good enough.

Slow & complex spreadsheets

Slow spreadsheets take longer to manage and are a major source of frustration for users. Complexity stifles innovation and productivity.

Error-prone manual processes

Studies show 88 percent of all spreadsheets have errors in them. Billions of dollars have been lost.

Use Gridarrow for...

Real-time data integration

Stream market data as well as your valuable proprietary and alternative data to Excel. Replace or reduce expensive Bloomberg/Reuters/Markit licenses.

Sharing your data analytics

Deploy your models and analytics processes to Gridarrow, and share the insights with your team in real-time.

Live dashboards & reporting

Build real-time dashboards and management reports with Excel - the tool that everyone knows how to use.