Live data in Excel for your team

Gridarrow pulls data from any source and updates the spreadsheets of your whole team in real-time.

It's the missing server for Excel.

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Bring your spreadsheets to life

Just drag and drop a grid into your spreadsheet to get the data flowing. Create live dashboards and reports with Excel - the tool that everyone knows.

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Python powered

We provide a simple API for sending data to Excel from Python - the Grid. Update the Grid with a value like so:
grid[row, column] = value and the data immediately appears in all users spreadsheets.

The Python environment is unrestricted, and you can pip install any dependencies you need to get the job done.

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from gridarrow import Arrow

arrow = Arrow()

grid = arrow.grid("ga_active_users", rows=10,
                  columns=["Desktop", "Mobile"])

def get_ga_report():
    # build analytics service not shown
    return analytics.get(ids=view_id,

# do something every 30 seconds
def on_interval():
    grid[0:10, ["Desktop", "Mobile"]] = get_ga_report()

Live data in Excel for your team

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